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Who We Are and What We Do

LoganElbowThumbsup_300pxCOVID-19 NOTICE:  We disinfect the chair, as well as our arms and hands (from our elbows to our fingertips) between every massage.  View our complete hygiene protocol HERE.

We are a professional team of massage therapists providing on-site chair massage support to individuals, groups, businesses and associations in and around Austin, Texas since 1995. Our mission is to positively enhance the health, morale and performance of people at work or play. We offer both on-site services and locations to serve you.  Get a quick quote now or contact us to order on-site chair massage for your staff appreciation day, employee wellness program, trade show, convention or any special event!


We deliver a very thorough acupressure-style seated massage technique designed to affect a person’s overall health and well-being, reduce stress, and leave one feeling relaxed, yet alert and revitalized. Participants may receive massage to their shoulders, back, arms, hands, outer-hips, neck and scalp while remaining fully clothed (no oil or lotion used) and sitting on a massage chair designed with comfort in mind.  Perfect for any occasion!


Tom Darilek, Seize the Day Owner, was trained in the principles and techniques of Chair Massage in 1990 by Iris Lee of Touchpro International out of San Francisco, California, founded by David Palmer, the “father” of Contemporary Chair Massage. In 1995 Tom founded Seize the Day On-site Chair Massage Service and began organizing chair massage events for businesses and organizations in Austin; pulling from the pool of therapists who had also been “trained” in chair massage. Much to his disappointment, Tom began to realize that the level of expertise among therapists varied greatly. So in an effort to ensure greater Quality and Consistency, Tom began recruiting and training therapists himself, building his chair massage team one therapist at a time. The result is a team of therapists that many of our satisfied customers have come to rely on. Since 1995, Seize the Day massage therapists have provided chair massage support to 100’s of businesses and organizations in central Texas. We continually strive to be the industry leader in chair massage; committed not only to high levels of quality and consistency of service, but also greater accessibility and user-friendliness. Orders may be initiated on-line 24/7 or by phone during normal business hours.  We continually recruit and train more therapists to make sure we are always ready for any job no matter how large or small and to provide non-interrupted support for all our recurring Customers. For events requiring specific appointment times per each participant, we create the customized printable sign-up sheets for you or provide On-line Scheduling (Optional).

About the Owner

tomcat12-2009A native Central Texan, Tom Darilek completed his BA in philosophy from The University of Notre Dame and worked in healthcare related fields for several years before pursuing studies in massage therapy with David Lauterstein and John Conway (founders of the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School) at The Texas School of Massage Studies. Practicing since 1988, Tom’s specialties include the treatment of Musculo-skeletal injuries and chair massage. He received his initial chair massage training in 1990 from Iris Lee of the Touch-pro Institute, founded by David Palmer, the creator of contemporary chair massage. In 1995 Tom founded Seize the Day Chair Massage Service and in 1997 introduced the non-interrupted service approach; continually recruiting, training and managing a team of chair massage professionals serving hundreds of businesses and organizations (not to mention countless individuals) in the past 28 years. Tom’s vision for the company is clear, “to be unexcelled in providing quality, consistency, accessibility and user-friendliness to a service much needed in today’s world.”


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PLEASE NOTE:  Orders are confirmed within 24 hours from the moment they are initiated.  However, ability to fill orders is dependent upon therapists’ availability.  Therefore, the farther in advance you place your order, the more guarantee you have that we will be able to fill it.