Pertinent Info / FAQ’s


Scheduling Options/Prices

We offer one-time events, as well as wellness programs and discounts for recurring events!

Signup Options/Procedures

Whether your group culture requires the massages to be scheduled or non-scheduled, we’ve got the experience & procedures to help maintain order and keep everyone happy!

On-site Requirements/Policies

How to make sure that everyone in your group has a positive chair massage experience. 

Payment Policies

Billing methods.
When payments are due.
Most payment methods are accepted! For specifics, click here!

Cancellation Policies

Out of respect for our therapists’ time, we require a 96-hour cancellation notice for all events we commit to. Read further for all the conditions, exceptions, etc…

Why Choose Seize the Day?

Professional, User-Friendly and Committed to Excellence.

Our Technique

We provide a very thorough acupressure-style seated massage technique designed to affect a person’s overall health and well-being, relieve stress and leave one feelind relaxed, yet alert and revitalized!

What Our Clients Say

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On-line Scheduling (Optional)

We can create a customized web-based on-line appointment scheduler for your chair massage event at NO extra charge!


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PLEASE NOTE:  Orders are confirmed within 24 hours from the moment they are initiated.  However, ability to fill orders is dependent upon therapists’ availability.  Therefore, the farther in advance you place your order, the more guarantee you have that we will be able to fill it.