What Massage Therapists Say About Seize the Day

AmberatSoftwareAdvice2edit“I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Seize the Day team. The chair massage training alone has been invaluable to improving my massage techniques, and has given me additional tools that I can  use in my table massage practice. The schedule is flexible and I can work around other commitments I have. Having chair massage in the mix of my practice allows me to have some variety in my work week, and I am able to use different techniques that allow me to spread around the toll my work takes on my body. The clients are very appreciative of the time they spend in the chair with me, and I have received a number of referrals to my table practice from them. The environment at Seize the Day is very straightforward, professional, and congenial.”
– Tim Stahlke, LMT, Austin, Texas

“Tom Darilek recruited me right out of massage school in 1997. He trained me in his chair protocol and sent me out to make people feel better. His chair protocol proved perfect for the office environment and made me look good to the clients consistently. I followed his every gentle suggestion. We rubbed anyone who would sit still long enough — sometimes for good money and sometimes just to build a client base. And that I did. The result is a thriving full body business of my own. I don’t have time to work for Tom anymore, I’m way too busy. I owe my success to hard work, to a chair protocol that instills in the client confidence in my ability, and to Tom’s professional advice. Chair massage and Tom Darilek have been very good to me.”
– Mary Mathews, LMT, Austin, Texas

“I love working for STDCM. Tom is great to work for. He is clear on what he expects and his expectations are easy. The kata is most effective on the clients and least stressful on the therapist. I appreciate working for Tom because I can promote my business while I make money. The gigs are fun and I meet some of the greatest people. I’ve got new clients through STDCM. Working for STDCM has helped my business grow. Thanks Tom!”
– Claire Cain, LMT, Austin, Texas

“Working for Seize the Day has been the best work experience of my massage career. I have been working with Tom for 4 years now, and there have been many memorable moments at chair massage events and at The Finishline Car Wash that I will remember for the rest of my life. The Seize the Day chair massage technique is always affective and clients really enjoy the consistency of the routine. Tom is an excellent instructor, and he goes above and beyond in helping his team of massage therapist accomplish their goals and dreams. Seize the Day is well known in the area for excellent therapists, quality work, and I am proud to be part of Tom’s team!”
– Carissa Geick, LMT, Austin, Texas

“It’s hard to express the gratitude with which I write this. The opportunity was phenomenal. I enjoyed meeting and working with a wonderful group of people especially Tom. Tom is a great teacher and mentor and easily approachable. Plus, he has streamlined the process making it so user friendly for us and the client. Even more, he manages well by knowing his therapists and trusting you to be accountable rather than micro-managing. If he was anything but himself, I wouldn’t have continued to contract for Seize the Day. Furthermore, I had opportunities to work all over town giving me the chance to meet a variety of wonderful people and even attend health fairs and conferences. Plus, the gigs are numerous making it easy to fit them into your schedule and supplement your massage business income. Tom, thanks again for everything! I’m so thankful for being a part of the Seize the Day team!”
– Amy Streeb, LMT, now living in Winter Park, Colorado

“I really enjoy working for Tom at Seize the Day chair massage because it allows me to meet new contacts. It allows me to market myself and still earn money. Tom is very organized and cares about his employees.”
– Olga Torres, RN, LMT, Austin, Texas

“I’ve found chair massage to be an essential ingredient added to my skill base. Seize the Day Chair Massage is a top notch organization. Tom is very knowledgable about both massage and business and is kind. Plenty of work opportunities are available and I can choose my opportunities! My decision to work with Seize the Day was a good decision!”
– Christy Lamb, LMT, Austin, Texas

“When I first interviewed with Tom, it all sounded great, but I didn’t have the specific tools OR a massage chair, and I also didn’t have any money to get those things. I expressed my frustration at not being able to get started, and he offered to let me pay off the tools and lend me a chair until I could get on my feet. Now I’m so busy I can choose my work. I’ll always appreciate Tom helping me get get started working in the chair massage world.”
– Janine Ploetz, LMT, Austin, Texas

“I started working for Seize the Day right out of massage school and 9 years later I am still happily freelancing for Tom. He has always been a great business colleague, takes great care of his therapists and is a pleasure to work with and for. Seize the Day has always been a great fit for me for a number of reasons, some of which include:
1. Tom avoids micro-managing and treats all his therapists with great respect.
2. I found his chair massage training workshop to be extremely thorough and he makes it fun.
3. Marketing my private table practice to my Seize the Day chair clients has been invaluable in building my practice over the years.
4. I have always been able to count on Seize the Day for extra gigs when I need to fill the holes in my schedule. Tom goes out of his way to make sure therapists are treated right at all Seize the Day gigs
5. He always pays his therapists on time!!
– Dawn Erin, LMT, Austin, Texas

“Working for Seize the Day gives me paid advertisement for my work. Being out of the treatment room and greeting and working on people for a few days a week is a great change of pace. Tom is a detailed teacher and very organized.”
– Elizabeth Murphy, LMT, Austin, Texas