Benefits of Chair Massage

Company Benefits

“After massage, office workers completed a math test
more quickly and with fewer errors.”
–Life Magazine, August ’97


  • Enhance health, morale and performance!
  • Combat mistakes, absenteeism, and job-related accidents due to stress!
  • Show appreciation for staff and promote a healthy workplace!

Offering on-site chair massage demonstrates your proactive commitment to the health and well-being of your employees. On-site chair massage revitalizes employees in minutes, leaving them relaxed but alert.

The highly choreographed massage form allows for a maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. The results of a Seize the Day on-site massage are immediate and guaranteed.*

As a wellness program, on-site chair massage requires little motivation on the part of employees resulting in high utilization. Unlike other wellness modalities there is nothing to practice, learn, or accomplish. In fact, the less the client does the more effective the work will be.

The massage is done through the clothing making it convenient and psychologically comfortable for the employee.

A massage break fits into virtually anyone’s work schedule. The massage is done with the client in a seated position and thus requires little space.

The special on-site massage chair fully supports the employee in a comfortable position while exposing their shoulders, back, arms, hands, neck and scalp for the massage.

*We guarantee the work of every practitioner and maintain a very high level of quality control of the service we provide. If for any reason, a person is not satisfied with our massage sequence, we will refund (upon request) the cost of the massage.


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