Why Choose Seize the Day


We offer a very thorough acupressure seated massage technique designed to affect a person’s overall health and well-being, reduce stress, and leave one feeling relaxed, yet alert and revitalized. Participants receive massage to their shoulders, back, arms, hands, neck, and scalp while remaining fully clothed (no oil or lotion used) and sitting on a massage chair specifically designed with comfort in mind – Perfect for any occasion!


All you have to do is tell us when, where, how to get there, how many and how long. We take care of lining up the therapists, creating schedules and break times (within the time frame you give us). We even create the customized sign up sheets for you!

Customized, Easy to Use Sign-up Sheets

Customized sign up sheets can be sent to you via an email attachment or fax OR Participants can schedule their appointments on the our internet scheduler. At no extra charge and less hassle for the Site Contact, participants may schedule chair massage appointments with out leaving their desks!

Team Approach

As a team of massage professionals, we strive to deliver continual, uninterrupted service to our regularly scheduled clients and to meet the needs of any size organization, no matter how large or small.

Seize the Day Massage is Committed to Excellence!

  • Insured, Licensed Therapists
  • Professional, Clean
  • Revitalizing Massage
  • Money Back Guarantee*

Your Seat of Power!™

After experiencing Seize the Day’s massage, you are not so relaxed that you are ready to take a nap, but, rather, you arise from the massage chair relaxed, yet alert and revitalized.

*We guarantee the work of every practitioner and maintain a very high level of quality control of the service we provide. If for any reason, a person is not satisfied with our massage sequence, we will refund (upon request) the cost of the massage.


Considering having on-site chair massage at your group event? Get a Quick Quote faster than we can answer the phone!


Ready to order on-site chair massage for your group? We’ve made it easy for you to order by phone and even easier for you to order online!


Schedule a chair massage appointment at your workplace or other group event. Get info on scheduling appointments at any of our locations.
PLEASE NOTE:  Orders are confirmed within 24 hours from the moment they are initiated.  However, ability to fill orders is dependent upon therapists’ availability.  Therefore, the farther in advance you place your order, the more guarantee you have that we will be able to fill it.