Massage Workshops, Low Back Evaluation and Treatment

This workshop is currently NOT being offered.

What you will learn:

  • Anatomy Review of the Low Back
  • Kinesiology Review of the Low Back
  • Active, Passive Evaluative Tests
  • Interpreting the Evaluative Tests
  • What not to Treat
  • What to Treat
  • Cross-Fiber Frictioning to the: – Supraspinous Lumbar Ligaments – Intertransverse Lumbar Ligaments – Sacroiliac Ligaments – iliolumbar Ligaments – Sacrotuberous Ligaments
  • Rehabilitative Exercises
Tuition $140.00 for 6 hours of training $95.00 each if 3 people sign up; $70.00 each if 4 people sign up
Deposit A $70.00 deposit is required when you register Limit 4 Students Per Class