WHERE AS:  Safe and effective, over-the-counter alternatives and physician-prescribed alternatives, other than vaccines, are available as preventatives against COVID-19 [i], and

WHERE AS:  Early, effective and inexpensive physician-prescribed treatments are available to those who may become infected with COVID-19 [ii], and

WHERE AS:  Under the 2005 PREP Act enacted by Congress, pharmaceutical companies that manufacture Emergency Use Approved (EUA) vaccines are shielded from liability related to injuries and damages caused by their experimental agents.  However, it is my understanding that any employer, school, or any other entity or person who mandates experimental vaccines on any human being is not protected from liability for any resulting harm [iii], and

WHERE AS:  The COVID-19 vaccinations are experimental, and

WHERE AS:  People have the right to choose whether or not they will take any experimental medical treatments,

We now institute the following policy:
We are not mandating that any of our hired help take any of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.